Shanna is a creative visionary who draws upon her personal inspirations to create end products that tell a visual story and inspire imagination. Each project she works on pushes boundaries and embraces artistic innovation while staying true to the integrity of the person or brand.

She is a Creative Director, Producer, Artist, and Entrepreneur focusing on making brands stand out with one-of-a-kind experiences. Shanna specializes in capturing the story, emotion, and power of meaningful moments, empowering brands to create lasting impact and connect with people on a multi-sensory level. 

Her work reflects true creativity, incorporating originality, boldness, and fearlessness. Inspired by her grandparents, who were Holocaust survivors, Shanna believes in taking risks, giving her best, and proceeding with humanity.

Her first major introduction to art, fashion, and branding was seeing Gianni Versace’s work in the 1990s, which showed her the limitless potential of art and expression. Richard Branson influenced her love for business, while artists like Prince, Jimi Hendrix, and George Michael inspired her individuality and creativity.

Shanna’s ability to create visual stories that push boundaries has led to immediate PR and marketing opportunities. She excels in mastering creative concepts for brands, making her a unique fit across various genres. This led to the initiation of The Concept Lab, a 360 creative, immersive brand experience.

Art x Shanna is a unique platform in the art/brand space, producing work for major Hollywood names like Madonna, Steven Tyler, Kim Kardashian, Nike, and Target. It has also been featured in People Magazine, Modern Luxury, ESPN, InStyle, ABC and others.

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