Art X Shanna

ART x SHANNA is a modern concept platform that reinvents and elevates the fusion of art and brand. Brands need to leverage meaningful moments to create authentic connections with their customers. Even the most powerful moments are fleeting, and our experiences get diluted over time.

However, ART x SHANNA is more than art, it’s a connective experience. The goal is to develop the work to enable scalable opportunities for meaningful reach, integrating in-person immersive experiences, social media, traditional media and PR into a unified brand story. 

Art x Shanna is unlike anything the art/brand space has seen and has produced work for some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including Madonna, Steven Tyler, Kim Kardashian, Nike, Target, Kevin Hart Alice Cooper, Duran Duran, Queen Latifah, N’Sync, Paris Hilton, and Jamie Foxx, among others. ART X SHANNA has also been featured in People Magazine, Modern Luxury, ESPN, InStyle, ABC and others.

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